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What does Zero K stand for?

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Zero K refers to 0 degrees Kelvin, or absolute zero. It is the temperature at which there is a total absence of heat. Heat is generated by the vibration of atoms and as such is a variance from a static state. Although it is not possible to eliminate all unwanted variance in business processes, we maintain this as our stretch goal to help organizations eliminate all unwanted variance from their operation in order to help them run as efficiently as possible.


Our Philosophy

We believe that consulting companies should be more than a fly-by service, in which they analyze a situation, provide a direction in line with what the client wants to hear and then leave it up to the company to implement. We strive to deliver unique and honest feedback and are prepared to partner with our clients to deliver an executable plan to implement improvements. We are available to help with the solution implementation as long they need us. We truly believe that our job is to assist in your success.

Management Bios

Tom Lookabill

With over a decade of experience in Operations, our founder, Tom Lookabill has seen his share of problem solving within organizations. Tom has a range of experience from Start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, most recently as the Director of Operation and as the Senior Manufacturing Program Manager leading the Operations effort for the rapid development and production of cutting edge technologies for the Department of Defense at a top 5 Defense Contractor.

Tom lead his team in the planning and execution of process centric and data driven growth strategies, enabling High Mix, Low Volume Manufacturing plant to excel in High Rate production for specific product lines while maintaining the divisions ability and execution of High Mix manufacture of its existing product lines. This enabled the division to realize a 13x top line increase while increasing the bottom line 19x over a period of 12 months.  With over $1.1B in budgetary experience and over $800M in material spend, he lead his team to deliver over 20% back to the bottom line through continuous improvement initiatives by applying Lean Six Sigma philosophies to both the value creation engines and transactional requirements within the organization. This position provided extensive opportunities for experience with Root Cause Analysis, cure of highly complex hardware and software considerations and process ills, both within the organization and within the nationwide supply chain which his team managed. He participated in the integration activities from the sell-side of a major M&A, a division absorption integration, as well as a spin-off.

Tom was considered a mentor for new Lean Six Sigma initiates and Blackbelts alike and was often utilized as an internal consultant for both the Division as a whole, as well as other facilities within the organization at large.   Tom was also considered a Lean Six Sigma Subject Matter Expert for the U.S. Navy as part of their Lean Six Sigma training program for new officers.

Prior to his experience in Defense, Tom worked in an industrial manufacturing start-up as an Engineering Technician and initially gained his technical background in RF Systems as a RF Technician and Shop Foreman for a Radar Repair Shop in the U.S. Army.

Tom holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, as well as a Masters in Business Administration from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Tom is a Stanford Certified Program Manager and a Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt.